German court's preliminary ruling says Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1N isn't aping the iPad

Round a few corners, a bit of nip-tuck and a tossed-on N. Oh, and probably just being sick and tired of the whole ordeal. We're assuming that's the recipe for getting the Cupertino-sourced gorilla off of Samsung's back, as a judge at the district court in Düsseldorf, Germany just issued a preliminary ruling that effectively clears the Galaxy Tab 10.1N from claims that it too mimics the iconic iPad. If you'll recall, the court blocked German sales of the original Tab 10.1 back in September, following Apple's arguments that Sammy's tab just looked too much like the iPad. Not surprisingly, the subtly-redesigned Tab 10.1N still drew fire from Apple's lawyers, but it's looking like they'll be riding home on the losing train this go 'round. A final verdict is expected on February 9th, of which we're sure you'll be resting uneasily on the edge of your seat to hear the result of. Courtroom fever -- catch it!