PS Vita's interface, background downloading, and Getting Started video

The PlayStation Vita's interface shows a strong iPhone influence, from its touch-only navigation to its stylized unlock screen. In the above video, I provide a quick overview of the UI and touch interface the new handheld system uses, including its multitasking capabilities and "LiveArea" loading screens.

I also lie, a bit -- after recording the video, I discovered the obvious fact that you can rearrange your icons, simply by holding a finger on the screen for a few seconds. Just slightly longer than I did in the video. Again, just like an iPhone. From there, you can move or delete items, or change the color of the background. Apologies for the error in the video.

After the break, in another video, I use a quick jaunt to the PlayStation Store to demonstrate the background downloading features. I didn't go too in-depth into the PS Store because it's basically lists of Japanese text at this point.

Finally, you can see the unskippable introductory video that greets every new Vita user upon starting up the system for the first time.