Republic Wireless changes stance: unlimited will be truly unlimited, 'no thresholds' or asterisks

Credit where it's due: Republic Wireless has just made an about-face on the only major downfall we saw in its new wireless proposition. While most of the big boys have had an asterisk by "unlimited" for years on end, these guys were called out as being "deceptive" due to its convoluted "fair use policy." Instead of revising it, the upstart carrier is just throwing it out. Completely. "From today, Republic Wireless is all-in." That's according to a refreshing blog post tossed up on its site hours ago, where we're told that it's eager to accept feedback and adapt as necessary. Looking for more proof? How's about this:

"Rather than revising our fair use policy, we've decided not to have one at all. There will simply be no thresholds, and no risk of losing service. We're doing away with all of that to keep all of the focus instead on where it really belongs: Creating a new wireless future together. A future that is simple to understand, unfettered to use, and an amazing value for all. That's what we started down this path to do. That's where the power of this vibrant community, dynamic WiFi ecosystem and revolutionary technology should be invested."

In a world filled with GoDaddys, PayPals, SOPAs and CarrierIQs, it's downright incredible to see a 180 in this direction. And yes, as part of that legal amendment, everyone who has purchased or purchases a phone during beta will be guaranteed the opportunity to enjoy unlimited service, without fear of cancellation, until the end of beta. The only snippet you should know about is the "unacceptable use" clauses, which state that you can't resell Republic's service or leave the phone "always on" as a conduit for other uses obviously beyond what would be normal for a personal smartphone; wildly enough, the outfit has promised to "reevaluate those provisions, too." Three cheers for listening skills, eh?