Galaxy Tab 8.9 gets a taste of homemade Ice Cream Sandwich (video)

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So we know that Google's latest and greatest OS is headed to the Galaxy Tab 8.9 at some undefined point in 2012. But Samsung's promise of a future update just isn't enough to sate the appetites of a certain enterprising subset of Android users. With their hunger for Ice Cream Sandwich guiding their hands, a trio of XDA members decided to whip up a homebrew version of 4.03 for their Sammy tabs. While the bootable builds, of which there are now three, are far from complete, an update over on the site's dedicated forum notes that Bluetooth, GPS, hardware acceleration and the accelerometer are now functioning, with efforts continuing to enable WiFi. If you were hoping to sample a slice of these early ROMs, you're out of luck -- the group's decided to refrain from offering downloads until the ports are complete. Think you can hold out for the unofficial goods? Then check out the source below to keep up with the project's progress and, while you're at it, skip on past the break for a brief video demo.

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