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Introducing the gdgt databox!

Introducing the gdgt databox!
Tim Stevens
Tim Stevens|December 23, 2011 12:44 PM
Have you ever been reading a post about, say, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, and caught yourself thinking "What were those dimensions again?" Or, maybe it's something about the iPad 2 and you can't recall the thing's release date, or exactly how many different variations Apple has on offer? How about which of those two devices is heavier? You could go digging back for their respective reviews and find out, but now we have a better solution: the gdgt databox! It's a comprehensive, clickable, interactive database containing all the specs for all the devices we cover on here. Its contents are pulled from the massive library of hardware and software maintained over at gdgt, tirelessly updated and maintained around the clock. With a few clicks you'll have all the info you need and, should you desire more, you can quickly ask a question to someone who actually owns one. Check out a few example devices in the box below -- or just keep on reading. You'll be seeing a lot of it around these parts.
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