Three pros score love on Grand Slam Tennis 2 cover

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Three pros score love on Grand Slam Tennis 2 cover
EA has picked three different athletes from three different times and places to grace the just-revealed cover of Grand Slam Tennis 2. '70s American champ John McEnroe is in the middle with the hair, Russia's '00s champ Maria Sharapova is on the left, and current champ Novak Djokovic sits on the right, all with slightly different reactions to what we can only guess are balls hurtling through the air.

The diversity of choices emphasizes the game's Legends of Now and Then feature, which offers up 20 pro tennis stars from history to play in virtual person on the court. This version is also notable for "Full Racquet Control," which allows you to use the controller's right stick like a tennis racquet, and full motion controls with PlayStation Move. The first HD version of EA's tennis series will be on shelves next month, February 10 in Europe and February 14 in North America.
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