Nintendo introduces paid DLC, lets you complete the games you completed

Did you get a Nintendo shaped bundle of joy for Christmas? Completed the games already? Fear not, as from March Kyoto's gaming veterans will be launching paid downloadable game content for its 3D handheld. The first title to get the goodies will be Fire Emblem, and as yet, there's no clues about what treats you'll get for the reported "several hundred yen" you'll be asked to stump up. Nintendo, however, is understandably keen to stimulate interest in its 3D titles, and more importantly, claw back some of that mobile gaming market-share. With hints of downloadable add-ons coming to the Wii-U also, and Mr. Iwata's previous commitment to deliver the goods, it clearly thinks this is the way to go -- let's just hope all the kinks have been ironed out come release day.