Rad: Bionic Commando swings to 3DS eShop this week

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Rad: Bionic Commando swings to 3DS eShop this week
Surprise! The 3DS eShop is getting not-terrible! The original downloadable games are starting to stack up (Pushmo, Mighty Switch Force), and the Virtual Console is home to a lot of interesting games -- like, for example, the Game Boy version of Bionic Commando, coming out December 29 in both North America and Europe. We aren't sure how it's able to make it to the shop when the NES Bionic Commando never could.

That's the same day North America gets VVVVVV. See what we mean about the eShop no longer being a terrible destination for games?
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A Game Boy Classic, two innovative side scrollers and some multiplayer mayhem available to download this week from Nintendo

27 December 2011 – Fans of side scrolling action are truly spoiled for choice this week with a triplet of 2D platformers available to download from Nintendo eShop and Nintendo DSi Shop. The Game Boy version of the NES classic BIONIC COMMANDO arrives on Nintendo eShop to take you on a daring action-packed mission. As Rad Spencer, use your high-tech grapple hook and assault rifle to infiltrate the enemy's stronghold in order to rescue Super Joe. You can be the difference between war and peace. Are you ready for the challenge?

Flip the world around you with Antipole. In this game you have the ability to manipulate the force of gravity allowing you to defy science by running on ceilings and jumping over incredible distances. You can even test yourself at different difficulty levels and challenges. The game also features a special bonus mode for owners of Cosmos X2.

This weeks final side scrolling installment is Flipper 2 – Flush the Goldfish, where you are tasked with saving Flush's best friend who has been kidnapped by an evil monster. You will need to act quickly in order to save Flush's best friend and with a little help from his super secret robot suit to give yourself the best possible chance to be the hero.

Check out all the latest offerings which are available for download this Thursday via Nintendo eShop, Nintendo DSi Shop and the Wii Shop Channel.
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