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Forsaken World details floating guild halls

Jef Reahard

There are guild halls and there are guild halls, and Forsaken World's recently announced command centers are definitely the latter. Perfect World Entertainment has detailed the nifty new floating guild base feature coming to its free-to-play fantasy MMO in a new blog entry on the game's official website. Obtaining (and maintaining) one of the command centers is no easy task, but it looks to be a rewarding one since the facilities will generate income for your guild via entrance fees and will house personal merchants and workshops.

Construction materials must be obtained through daily quests and events, and PWE indicates that the guild bases can grow into sprawling social and mercantile hubs given enough time and effort. "The layout of these command centers is vast and multi storied. Your guild's base will have plenty of room to expand and grow. With enough dedication, a command center can be something of a miniature city in its own right," says the blog.

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