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LEGO Universe hosting a race contest for the New Year weekend

Eliot Lefebvre

If you or your favorite youngster has been enjoying LEGO Universe, this weekend would be an especially good time to play, not only because it's a holiday weekend with plenty of free time for everyone, but because a special contest is being held in the game up through January 2nd. Twenty winners on the Space Blizzard Race Track will start the new year with prizes in-game, and the luckiest three winners will be driving away with an entire prize pack of LEGO World Racers sets.

To qualify, players must complete all three races on the track before the end of Sunday, January 2nd. The time at which the contest ends varies by the local time of each server. The setters of the top 20 times will be rewarded with prizes, with a full giftset going to the top 10 racers over the two-day period. LEGO Universe players still have enough time to get onto the track and get to racing, so go ahead and see what you can accomplish.

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