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Politics and religion: RuneScape starts the new year in style


All may seem quiet on the MMO front, but if you turn your eyes to RuneScape, you'll see a bustling explosion of activity with the advent of January. Three new pieces of content are available in the game, including a new high-level boss and a Nordic-themed wolf.

If politics are your thing -- Dwarven politics, to be precise -- then you'll want to check out a brand-new quest that tasks players with discovering just who is the rightful king of the Dwarves in Keldagrim. It won't be a bloodless affair, but Jagex promises to make it worth the player's effort.

Maybe you want to test your mettle against a god? Then jump into the God Wars dungeon to face off against Nex, a powerful boss that boasts 15 unique combat moves. If you find yourself triumphant -- doubtful, really, but it is technically possible -- then you'll enjoy an array of coveted level 80 gear for your character.

Or perhaps you're in the mood for a hunt, in which case RuneScape will send you on the trail of the Hati Wolf, a seasonal boss that drops special XP-boosting gloves.

Check out all of the details behind RuneScape's January content over at the official site!

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