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Apple patent describes touch gestures on iPod nano

David Quilty

Could "no-look" touch gestures be coming soon to the iPod nano? Recently discovered by ipodnn, a 2009 patent application by Apple shows that it is looking into letting users control their devices using no-look gestures that only require a touch-sensitive surface, like a trackpad, and not necessarily a graphic interface as Apple currently employs on the iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Diagrams filed with the patent application show different methods that owners could use gestures on their devices, such as a single tap to play and pause media playback, a double tap to skip forward tracks or a triple tap to skip backwards to previous tracks. This would allow users to still control their device if they were unable to interact directly with the graphical interface we have all become so familiar with. This has been one of the main concerns with the nano switching over to a no-button touchscreen, so a good solution along these lines would be quite helpful.

Of course, I imagine that all of you guys have gotten used to calling your friends using only your nose, so learning gestures to control your iPod or iPhone shouldn't be too difficult in comparison!

[via ipodnn]

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