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AT&T drops LG Quantum, Samsung Focus to $100 on contract

Chris Ziegler

Now that's more like it: AT&T's got the Samsung Focus for $99.99 on a new two-year deal alongside the LG Quantum if landscape QWERTY is more your cup of tea, two Windows Phone 7 handsets that launched at $199.99 but suddenly become a whole heck of a lot more appealing at half the price -- and you don't have to jump through any BOGO hoops to get the deal. Interestingly, the third piece in AT&T's WP7 puzzle so far -- HTC's Surround -- stays at $199.99 despite the fact that it's really no higher-end, so it's pretty easy to pick out the best values of the bunch now. No word on how long this sale is running, though -- for all we know right now, the price change might be permanent, which would hopefully make room for fresher WP7 hardware on the high end.

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