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Final Fantasy XI hopping along for 2011

Eliot Lefebvre

The new year brings all sorts of things -- hopes for improvement, resolutions of behavior, and of course in-game events for nearly every game that's active. Final Fantasy XI is no exception, with this year's event focused around the wide-eyed rarabs that range across Vana'diel. And as with previous years, players can ring in the new year with some lovely new prizes, including the option to turn oneself into a rabbit of unusual size for a while.

Running until January 17th, the event follows the format laid out by previous years, with players chasing a bounding rabbit across various zones to obtain various prizes. The team at FFXIclopedia has already begun putting together a guide for players looking to get the most out of the holiday; the biggest challenge for players will be hunting down the Celebratory Coney darting across the landscape. Take a look at the official announcement for the usual piece of in-game fiction, and enjoy the start of another year in Final Fantasy XI.

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