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Indie dev Renegade Kid targeting 3DS in 2011


With moody first-person games like Moon and Dementium, Renegade Kid has relied on its custom-made graphics engine to convey unusually solitary and atmospheric experiences on Nintendo's handheld. The studio is taking a step forward in 2011 and is currently in talks with an unspecified publisher to convert an existing game to the 3DS (for which it's already authorized as a developer).

"Right now, we're in heavy get-new-projects mode," Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham wrote on his blog this past weekend. "There is one 3DS title that we're in talks about with a publisher. It is a really cool game. It would be a conversion of an existing title, which we would bring to the 3DS. Let's call it code-named 'Planet.'" Watsham said that the game is close to being signed with a publisher -- "in theory" -- but kept his optimism restrained for the time being. "But, anything can happen in the world of business, so all we can do is hope everything stays its course and we sign it soon."

Watsham recently gauged interest in a DSiWare version of Maximillian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds, a colorful DS platformer announced in June 2009 that's been in search of a publisher ever since. Renegade Kid was looking for at least 1,000 comments on the polling post, but has elicited fewer than 500 thus far. "This is sad, but also exactly why we asked for votes; to help us gauge whether development of the game would be financially wise or not," Watsham wrote. "Honestly, if we can't scrounge up at least 1,000 votes in one month, it's a fair sign that there aren't enough people out there interested in the game, DSiWare, or both."

Renegade Kid's first game (of at least three) for 2011 is ATV Wild Ride, a non-terrifying racing game. Mind you, we haven't seen what the ghastly, disfiguring crashes look like.

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