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Report: Nintendo 3DS lifted from Chinese production line, posed for pics


Two full months before Nintendo officially releases its eye melting new handheld in Japan, reports of a Chinese factory worker stealing a unit from the production line have already begun to surface. 3DS Buzz spotted images allegedly snapped by one such factory worker showing off what appears to be a near-final 3DS from many, many angles.

Though an accompanying video shows Super Mario 64 DS being added to the cartridge slot, it seems that the unit is unable to run any retail games, only booting a black screen with the SDK version and memory information (96 steaming hot megabytes of RAM, for those wondering). That said, if you desperately needed to know how the 3DS will stack up next to your GameBoy Micro, visual comparisons to past Nintendo handhelds aren't in short supply here.

[Thank you to everyone who sent this in.]

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