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Team Meat's next game to be smaller, possibly on handhelds


Super Meat Boy's co-creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes don't want to make another platformer. "We've farmed this. It's done. There's no more coming out of us," McMillen said in a recent interview with Game Informer. In fact, the duo's next game could very well be dynamically generated, a brawler, a shooter, or something more casual, and could end up on a handheld -- but "not like iPhone or anything," Refenes notes. "Me and Tommy love video games. I don't think we discriminate on what genres we'd want to do," McMillen explains.

And it certainly won't be as difficult as SMB, or as difficult to make. "Kind of like eating the ginger between sushi entrees. Just kind of cleanse it, make a new little game, and then start on the next big one," he explains. Super Mint Boy, perhaps? Not likely, as McMillen definitively states, "After the level editor comes out, it's done. Cut it off. No more meat boy."

In the pages-long interview, Refenes and McMillen wax on a variety of topics, from undiscovered gaming references within SMB, to working with Microsoft and Nintendo, to the genesis of Meat Boy's death replays. Get a cup of hot coffee, put on that kickin' SMB soundtrack, and get reading.

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