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First details of 3DS Naruto game revealed


It was announced at E3 that there would be some kind of "Naruto Shippuden action" game for 3DS. It would have been pretty safe to assume that the popular franchise would show up on Nintendo's new handheld anyway!

Now, according to Andriasang, V-Jump magazine has revealed the first details of that Naruto game: Naruto Shippuden Nin Rittai Emaki Saikyou Ninkai Kessen -- a title that suggests the game is part of the Ninja Council series and has something do with a "three-dimensional scroll" and "decisive battle." The new game is described as a side-scrolling action title that takes place on "3D fields." To see what that looks like, you can consult a partial scan posted by Siliconera. There will also be "gimmicks and stage formations" that make use of the 3D effect in the game, heralding the arrival of the occasional 3D effect as the new random DS microphone feature.

Naruto Shippuden for 3DS will be released in Japan this spring, likely as close as Takara Tomy can get to the February launch date.

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