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Flattr micropayments move to mobile with Android app


The Flattr micropayment system is moving from a web-only experience to the real world. Of course, you may now be asking yourself: what the heck is Flattr? Well, Flattr is a payment service whereby you pay a small monthly fee -- decided by you -- and that amount is divvied up between anybody you Flattr online in any particular month. Using QR Codes, users of the app can now quickly scan and then Flattr anything anybody takes the time to plop a sticker with their code on it -- think art in cafes, blog posts (ahem), street musicians, and so on. Now that the leap to Android is complete, we were stoked to see mention in the Flattr forums of interest in having this wander over to iPhone. Sure, Flattr definitely isn't as widely accepted as say, PayPal, but with this move to mobile platforms -- and the oh-so-fun-and-easy way to drop a shiney penny on whatever grabs your interest -- maybe it'll gradually find its way into your stone cold hearts wallets.

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