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HTC EVO Shift 4G handled on video by Wirefly

Chris Ziegler

Kind of unusual for a top-tier third-party retailer to beat everyone else (including the manufacturer and carrier) to the punch with a detailed live video of a new smartphone -- but hey, really, who are we to complain? Wirefly has posted a nearly 10-minute introduction to the EVO Shift 4G that Sprint just made official this morning, comparing it to both an original EVO 4G and a Droid 2 so you can get a feel for the diminutive dimensions (relatively speaking, anyway). It looks pretty fast from the video, and the stock Quadrant score over 1,400 would seem to back up that impression -- but naturally, we're sure it can get even better with some careful ROM tweaking and a timely upgrade to Gingerbread. Follow the break for the full video.

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