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Joby introduces ultra-flexible Yogi for iPad

Michael Gray

Joby already makes a fun and reliable Gorillapod for the iPhone 4, called the Gorillamobile. It stands to reason that they wouldn't be far behind with a similar device for the iPad. The Yogi case and stand for the iPad allows you to prop your iPad up at any angle you'd like. And since the legs are flexible and strong, you can even use them to cling to unconventional surfaces like a car seat or a bed's headboard.

The Yogi case itself is a polycarbonate build with rubber bumpers to protect against shocks and bumps. The legs are removable from the rest of the case. If you don't have immediate use for them, you can tuck them away in your bag. The Yogi sells for a mere $49.95, which makes it highly price competitive with other iPad cases. It seems like a great bargain for that much versatility. We saw the stand on the floor at CES this year -- stay tuned for any other impressions!

[Via Wired]

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