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Joby Ori and Yogi iPad cases hands-on

Jacob Schulman

Joby is here at CES Unveiled, and this year they're introducing two new interesting cases for a certain tablet you may have heard about. The "Yogi" for iPad draws on Joby's roots, essentially pairing its successful Gorillapod stand tech with a hard plastic iPad case that you can dock in either portrait or landscape. The folks at the booth envision usage scenarios on uneven surfaces, or even for wrapping the gorilla legs around a car headrest for easy on-the-go use. More interesting, however, is the "Ori" case, which puts a new spin on convertible cases for the iPad. Made out of strong, lightweight aluminum, this case has a continuous hinge, folds into multiple positions, and has a swivel so you can tilt your 'pad in nearly any direction you wish. Check out the crazy origami-action in the video after the break, and glamour shots of this beauty in nearly every contortion imaginable in our gallery below.

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