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OnLive MicroConsole $66 through Jan. 9, 5.1 audio coming 'early 2011'


Saying it's to celebrate the news of the service being integrated into upcoming VIZIO products, OnLive is offering a CES 2011-centric discount on its MicroConsole hardware through the duration of the show. Up until 11:59 p.m. PST on Sunday, January 9, you'll be able to order the hardware -- which includes a voucher good for the game of your choice -- for $66, plus shipping, directly from OnLive.

Company CEO Steve Perlman also announced in his blog post that SRS 5.1 audio will be coming to the cloud gaming platform (on the MicroConsole, PC and Mac) as an update in "early 2011," as will promised 3D support. Now, in what we hope doesn't become customary fashion, we'll say: That's great, but how about some more games?

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