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Rumor: 'Avatar Kinect' Xbox feature to be unveiled at CES


Glimpse Dog received what it purports to be a snapshot of a leaked slide from Microsoft's CES keynote (seen above) showing off something called "Avatar Kinect." This by itself isn't all that exciting, but Winrumors believes that Avatar Kinect will be part of a forthcoming software update -- one that "will allow Kinect owners to interact with each other using their avatars" much like Sony's Home.

Furthermore, the site believes that "the Avatars will have a separate area, much like the Nintendo's Mii Channel, that will allow for users to control them using Kinect and interact to watch content or play games." Does this mean Kinect-based A World of Keflings wrestling matches? 'Cause if so, we're totally on board -- just as long as we don't have to queue for them.

We'll presumably find out more when Microsoft's CES keynote is broadcast live this Wednesday from Las Vegas.

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