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TERA North American release rumors abound

Jef Reahard

A storm is brewing on En Masse Entertainment's official TERA forums, one that threatens to bring more drama to the intarwebs, kill helpless Popori in their beds, and delay TERA's North American release for months. OK, maybe the first two are a bit overwrought, but there are rumors regarding the game's possible late 2011 arrival swirling around the internet.

It all started with an interview at a Korean website called, which spoke with Bluehole Studio boss Kang-Suk Kim. Fan translations of the interview seem to indicate that TERA will launch in Japan during the first half of 2011 and North American/European beta testing will begin a month later (which would lead to an even later final release date). So far though, the dates are a mixture of speculation and conjecture as En Masse (TERA's North American publisher) has declined to offer any clarification.

Rest assured that Massively is checking with our Korean sources, and we'll bring you the very latest as it happens.

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