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WoW Insider's Guide to Magmaw


Magmaw is the first boss in Blackwing Descent. He's a big magma worm with a big mouth; Magmaw is more than just a clever name!

You can do Magma with a single tank, if that tank can muscle through getting eaten. If not, you'll need a second tank to help relieve pressure during the "oh my god, I've been eaten" phase. However, you do need at least one melee player near Magmaw at all times; otherwise, he'll go berserk and wipe your raid.
General strategy

Phase 1 The first phase is mostly about not standing in the Pillar of Flame ability, while also making sure to kill the parasites that spawn without getting letting them hit you. If you get hit by the parasites, they explode and spawn still more parasites.
  • Magmaw casts Pillar of Flame, marking a location with 4 seconds' warning to get out of the area. Those remaining nearby get a massive damage knockback.
  • Pillar of Flame spawns Lava Parasites. These adds apply a debuff that will explode after 10 seconds and spawn more Lava Parasites. Slow and kite the parasites, and kill them immediately from range. You will have about 30 seconds to kill the parasites before more are spawned.
  • Magmaw will Mangle your tank, causing massive damage, every few seconds. After 30 seconds, Magmaw will eat your tank, preventing him from taking any action. The tank will need to use cooldowns to power through being eaten, and you should have a second tank ready to go.
  • Magmaw will also periodically cast Ignition, which sets half the room on fire. When you see steam, move to the other side.
Phase 2
  • Magmaw will slump forward. When this happens, one to three melee DPSers should use the spikes to jump on his head. This will give them a new ability called Constricting Chains. Spam this ability often to impale Magmaw's head on a spike.
  • When Magmaw's head is on a spike, it will take double damage and be unable to do anything during the phase. This is the perfect time for Heroism / Bloodlust / Time Warp.

  • Berserk increases the caster's attack and movement speed by 150% and all damage it deals by 500% until cancelled. It also grants immunity to taunt effects.
  • Lava Spew deals 23,125 to 26,875 fire damage.
  • Magma Spit inflicts 30,625 to 39,375 fire damage to the enemy target .
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