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BBC: Kinect caused 'Red Ring of Death' on out-of-warranty Xbox 360


Grand Theft Auto IV blamed for RRoD -- Tipster on April 30, 2008

Red Dead Redemption blamed for RRoD -- Tipster on June 21, 2010

Kinect blamed for RRoD -- BBC on January 5, 2011

As our tips box can attest to over the years, every major Xbox 360 release causes the unholy specter of the Xbox 360's infamous 'Red Ring of Death' to return. The family interviewed in this BBC piece have an especially poignant tale: they just missed out on the three year warranty the product carries for the RRoD and E74 errors.

Microsoft said in a statement, "There is no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing red lights error are merely coincidental." We believe it, given our anecdotal history. It's still of little consolation to anyone who was blessed with an old, out of warranty Xbox 360 that somehow hadn't died/broken/etc.

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