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DC Universe Online closes its beta with a bang

Eliot Lefebvre

With release just a scant week away, DC Universe Online has a loose end to tie up -- specifically, the still-ongoing beta test. In the grand tradition of betas, of course, it won't be with a simple message to buy the game and a server shutdown. No, players will get to take part in something epic in the tradition of the source material, with a grand battle involving iconic characters of the universe as well as player characters.

Each of the closing events involve two iconic DC figures going head-to-head -- either Superman against Lex Luthor or The Joker versus Batman. Players will have the opportunity to fight alongside the iconic villain or hero depending on character alignment, with times varying based on the server. And in the event that you can't attend, the team will be helpfully posting status updates on each iconic battle, as well as possibly introducing a few new wrinkles to complicate the event. DC Universe Online testers should still do their level best to be present for the battles -- after all, who wouldn't want to close off a beta by teaming up with Batman?

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