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Samsung's CY-STC1100 Skype TV camera lets you video chat at 720p

Darren Murph

Yeah, Samsung enabled Skype video chatting on a select few of its HDTVs last year, but it was still on you to pony up for a camera. Now, the company's taking the guesswork out of it by introducing the 1H 2011-bound CY-STC1100. The device you see above is Sammy's own Skype-certified TV camera, tailor made to sit atop the LED D6500 (and up) lines as well as on the Plasma D8000 series. It's an autofocus camera that encodes up to 720p, and there's also an array of four microphones, an H.264 encodes and an angle adjuster. We're digging as hard as we can to find a price, but till then, have a peek back at our own good times with television video calling on the October 2010 Engadget Show.

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