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Samsung's dual-band CY-SWR1100 wireless router prioritizes for media streaming

Darren Murph

Worried about your son's World of Warcraft habit? More worried about your son's World of Warcraft habit interfering with your ability to stream last week's episode of Glee? We feel you, and so does Samsung. Amidst loads of new televisions and sound systems announced here at CES, the aforementioned company has just let loose a rather novel new wireless router. The currently unpriced CY-SWR1100 is a dual-N band device, supporting 802.11a/b/g/n and doing one thing in particular that your current router probably doesn't: it prioritizes data flow and sends the strongest signal to the television when streaming is ongoing. There's even an on-screen router configuration panel that does away with the need for a PC to initially configure it, but it's only compatible (for now) with the LED D5000 series and up, LED D550 series and up, and Plasma D550 series and up. Now, if only you could convince Comcast to do away with that pesky bandwidth cap...

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