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Scott Pilgrim getting an extra life through upcoming PlayStation Plus discount


The PlayStation Plus Sam & Max offer is running out on January 18, but it's being replaced by appealing discounts including half off on Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, which you should already have if you like brawlers or Anamanaguchi. Starting January 18, it'll be just $5.

Other discounts include R.U.S.E. DLC, the upcoming Modern Combat: Domination, and the PSP's Juiced 2. The Minis launch title Hero of Sparta is available for PS Plus members for the low, low cost of free. Find all the other content for the upcoming Plus update, including the usual assortment of avatars and themes, after the break.

Additions for 1/18:

Featured Games/DLC
  • Hero of Sparta (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers, regular price $5.99)
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (PlayStation Plus price $5.00, regular price $9.99)
  • Modern Combat (PlayStation Plus price $5.99, regular price $7.99)
  • Juiced 2 (PSP) (PlayStation Plus price $10.00, regular price $19.99)
  • R.U.S.E. – The Chimera Pack (PlayStation Plus price $5.24, regular price $6.99)
Featured Avatars/Themes
  • Mega Man 10 Avatar Bundle (Exclusive to PlayStation Plus subscribers for $1.99)
  • Argyle Girls Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
  • Hockey Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)
  • Sonic 4 Dynamic Theme (Free to PlayStation Plus Subscribers)

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