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The Tivizen, over-the-air TV antenna, coming to iPad


We're live at CES this week, and things are kicking off here in Vegas. The show floor itself opens tomorrow, but electronics manufacturers have already started up with all of their announcements and reveals showing off all of the new hardware for 2011. Here's one interesting gadget: the Tivizen, created by Korean company Valups, is a device that plugs into the iPad's dock connector, and along with a free app, allows for the iPad to recieve digital over-the-air broadcasts of television. That's pretty handy -- depending on standards and availability, you should be able to watch most major broadcast channels in large US metro areas directly on your iPad.

The Tivizen is priced at US$99, which puts it in line with something like the EyeTV. Hopefully not for too long, though -- the device requires its own battery, which only lasts a couple of hours. If you've been looking for a way to watch a broadcast show you can't otherwise see, specifically on your iPad, the Tivizen might be just what you're looking for. Odds are there's some other way to watch that video on Apple's tablet, no?

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