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Trion hiring Xbox 360 programmers for unknown project, designer for 'Syfy Action MMO'


For the second time in as many years, Trion has posted job listings for console-specific programmers, perhaps quietly staffing up for the long dormant "Syfy Action MMO" (thought to be named "One Earth") that was announced back in 2008. Rather than spell out exactly what these programmers would be doing, the listings only explain that Trion seeks two Xbox 360 "senior console programmers" to "work on AAA titles in a highly collaborative environment."

A third job listing for a "senior game/systems designer" gets more granular, specifically naming the "Syfy Action MMO" as the project in question and requiring potential candidates to have "experience working on action games for consoles, such as PS3, Xbox, etc." Trion had yet to respond to our request for more information as of publishing.

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