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Dissidia, Monster Hunter and 'For Girls' PSP bundles dated in Japan


Sony announced details and release dates for three different PSP-3000 bundles in Japan. Most eye-catching among them is the Dissidia 012 "Chaos & Cosmos" pack, including the above Pearl White PSP with what looks like Yoshitaka Amano character art. It will be released March 3 in Japan, bundled with the game, for ¥22,890 ($275). Unlike the game's title, this thing is a pleasure to look at.

Sony also revealed two more Monster Hunter Portable 3rd bundles, this time functionally normal PSP-3000s rather than the special hardware released in December. The New Hunters Pack comes in black/red or white/blue, and includes the game and an exclusive cleaning cloth, for ¥19,800 ($238). It'll be released on February 10.

Finally, the PSP Value Pack For Girls isn't bundled with, or themed for, any particular game. It's just ... "for girls." Which means, of course (sigh) that it's pink. It also includes a carrying case with a little bow on it, a pink cleaning cloth, and pink earbuds. It's also ¥19,800, and will be released on Feb. 17.

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