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En Masse issues official clarification regarding TERA's action combat

Jef Reahard

Rumors have been flying about TERA this week, mainly due to a pair of interviews with Bluehole Studio higher-ups that were translated from the original Korean by TERAfans. Today, En Masse Entertainment (TERA's North American publisher) has issued an official statement clarifying the second piece, and more specifically, shooting down any notion that TERA's long-touted action MMO combat has changed.

"TERA's combat system hasn't changed and action remains a crucial element to the game. There was a mistranslation in the article where the phrase 'lock-on system' was used instead of 'lock-on skill,' which was the original context of that statement. We are committed to making adjustments to TERA based on player feedback, but the game will still offer all the depth of an MMO with the intense action combat system. This will not change," said Matt Atwood, director of public relations for En Masse.

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