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Flyff releases V17 sneak peek

Jef Reahard

If you've played MMOs for any length of time, you're no doubt aware that the ability to soar through our favorite virtual worlds isn't exactly widespread. While flying mounts have appeared in AAA games including World of Warcraft, Vanguard, and soon, EverQuest II, few games let you soar with abandon like Flyff (which stands for Fly For Fun). The free-to-play title has been giving players the gift of flight since 2005 due to the fact that it's main form of post-20 transportation is via some sort of airborne apparatus.

Flyff's newest expansion, V17, looks to continue this trend and is also adding a new Colosseum System designed to allow players to battle bosses for loot rewards. A Cooperation System is also in the cards, as are a boatload of new quests, a new dungeon, and a entirely new zone. Check out Flyff's official website for more info on the V17 expansion as well as the game's 20+ character classes, and be sure to view the V17 trailer after the jump.

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