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How the Mac App Store works, and get Twitter for Mac free


The new Mac App Store is online, and ready for you to use. It's an incredibly simple way to find, install, and manage your favorite software.

First of all, to see the Mac App Store at all, you'll need to run your Software Updates (under the Apple menu) and get Mac OS X 10.6.6 System Update, or run the combo update you can download here.

After you reboot, you'll see a new icon in your dock, right after the Finder icon. Click that to launch the app store. If you don't want it taking up dock space, you can also get to the Mac App Store through the Apple menu, right under Software Update.

The app store looks and works almost exactly like the iPad App Store, featuring the same home page of new and popular apps. Most apps cost less than you may have seen them at retail, but some, like Things, are priced higher than we've seen them in bundles.

In the Gallery accompanying this post, you can walk through getting the much-anticipated Twitter for Mac app. The release was teased yesterday and showed up on time early this morning. As expected, the app is free. Its predecessor -- known as Tweetie before its developer was acquired by Twitter -- hadn't been updated in quite a while, so folks looking for Tweetie 2 will want to check this out.

Check out all of the steps to installation in the gallery below. We'll have an in-depth review of Twitter for Mac up soon. Enjoy!

Gallery: Buying Twitter for Mac in the Mac App Store | 13 Photos

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