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iWork '11 hinted at on Apple web page, then disappears


Several TUAW readers and our very own Mike Schramm pointed out something interesting today: on Apple's web page about the Mac app store, one of the screenshots shows a link for the iWork '11 apps.

iWork '11? The suite made up of Pages, Numbers and Keynote that didn't make it into the Mac App Store on opening day? Yeah, that iWork '11.

Earlier today we were all looking at this page, which showed a store screen with a link to iWork '11:

If you happen to go to the same page now, you'll notice it's a bit different:

It could mean nothing, or it could be that the suite was pulled from the App Store at the last minute, resulting in some poor web designer getting screamed at by Steve Jobs for not removing the characters "'11" from a rather insignificant web page.

Time will tell. Any bets on when iWork '11 will finally drop?

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