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Mac App Store pricing of featured apps


Now that the Mac App Store is available, we've taken a look at pricing of some of the top apps (all links will open the Mac App Store). Here's a quick look at some apps we've been anticipating, including a very steep discount.

1.6.4, the image editing app billed as a light weight Photoshop alternative, is US$29.99.That's a huge discount over the price at the Pixelmator website, which is $59. As you see in the graphic above, there are other deals to be had. Aperture is selling for $79, which is a steep drop from is former price of $199, and Apple Remote Desktop has fallen to $79.99 for unknown seats.

Meanwhile, Things from Cultured Code, the popular project management software, is selling for $49.99 (up four cents from Cultured Code's web price). Meanwhile, Delicious Library 2 from Delicious Monster is $39.99, the same as its web price.

There are several free apps as well. Twitter for Mac (formerly Tweetie 2) is indeed in the store as we expected from yesterday's leak, and is free. In fact, it's currently listed as the top free app. Additionally, Evernote and one of my favorites, Alfred, are also available at no cost.

We'll have much more on the Mac App Store as the day progresses. Stay tuned.

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