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Mac App Store: some of those apps are expensive


With at least one application on the front page of Mac App Store priced at $59.99 and others in the $20 range, it looks like Mac developers are trying to avoid the iOS App Store race to the bottom syndrome. A quick survey of applications shows that Mac App Store publishers with low-priced iOS offerings are picking more realistic and sustainable pricing for their Mac apps.

Developer Kristanix, whose well-received Mahjong Epic sells for $0.99 on iOS, are offering Majong Epic Gold for Mac at $9.99, an order of magnitude difference in price. Hibari for Twitter, a simple Twitter client that might also sell at the $1 to $3 price point on iOS, has an "introductory" price of $13.99.

On the other hand, as Dave noted earlier, several of Apple's own Mac apps are cheaper than their previous incarnations. The iWork suite comes to $60 when purchased app-by-app, versus the $79 retail cost; Apple Remote Desktop is $79, way less than the $299 cost for the boxed version (and even cheaper than the street price of about $140). Aperture 3 is also hitting that $79 price, a real bargain versus the $199 retail cost.

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G5 Entertainment has developed several iOS games that TUAW bloggers have purchased including Jane's Hotel, which sells for $2.99 on iOS. The nearly identical-to-apps-we've-seen-on-our-phones Success Story app for Mac? $6.99. There's definitely a premium that's happening here.

Dave Caolo recently took a look at some of the more anticipated apps and their pricing.

Of course, compared to the Wii, with its typical (and insane) $49.99 standard price point (or Xbox or PS 3), these Mac prices are a bargain. (Most closed system games have very high content to help justify those prices.) Compared to iOS, however, it's clear that Mac App Store is starting off at higher numbers.

Will Mac App Store developers be able to sustain those prices? Or will a higher demand and greater direct competition start driving those prices down over the next few weeks? It's hard to call. Have your say in the comments -- and let us know what you think of Mac App Store pricing.

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