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Masthead prepping new Earthrise beta client, additional beta keys

Jef Reahard

Launch day for Earthrise is closing fast, and Masthead Studios is gearing up for the throng of sci-fi sandbox fans looking to make a new home on the game's single worldwide server. Masthead is also pushing a new version of the beta client to the game's test servers and will be distributing more beta invites in the very near future.

The new client features combat and tactical tweaks, changes to crafting skills and item insurance, and revamped graphics and animations. "The development team has been working around the clock to continually add new gameplay functions and we are thrilled for our community of testers to become further immersed and share their thoughts with us," says Masthead CEO Atanas Atanasov. As for getting your hands on that elusive beta key, you'll want to head to the official site and sign up for your chance to win.

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