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Razer announces Switchblade 7-inch PC gaming tablet concept

CES 2011 is proving to be a veritable cornucopia of radical, tantalizing concepts that aren't real products just yet. For instance, PC hardware manufacturer Razer turned our heads with the Switchblade -- a 7-inch gaming tablet with a multi-touch screen and keys that change based on the game that's being played. Trust us, it's much more impressive on video -- check out the demonstration posted after the jump to see this shape-shifting magic act in motion.

Sadly, Razer hasn't announced any plans to actually take the Switchblade to market, nor most of the device's technical specs. We'll try to get some answers when we stop by Razer's booth on the CES show floor. If that doesn't work, we'll try to totally steal whatever demo model they've got. Oh, wait. We probably shouldn't have said that part on the internet. You didn't hear that, capiche?

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