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Razer's adjustable Onza 360 Tournament Edition controller hands-on at CES 2011

Darren Murph

Not so fond of the resistance level on that stock Xbox 360 controller? Hello, solution! Razer just trotted out the Tournament Edition and Standard Edition controllers, and we stopped by to have a look. The company told us that it has been working on perfecting the resistance mechanism on the Tournament Edition ($49.99) for months on end, and the end product was as solid as a rock. Both analog joysticks are capable of being independently tightened or loosened with respect to resistance, and it also touts an added shoulder button that can be reassigned to do pretty much anything via an intuitive button / menu process on the rear of the controller -- that's shown in more detail down in the gallery below. There's also a rubberized feel to the grip, backlit buttons and a braided cable, whereas the $39.99 Standard edition lacks the adjustable resistance, backlighting, rubber finish and cable braiding.

Representatives for the company noted that the next logical step would be to concoct a wireless version and to eventually introduce a PlayStation 3 variant with resistant analog sticks, but no one was ready (or willing) to talk release dates. As for these Onzas? Pre-orders will start on the 17th, with shipments to hopefully follow in "soon."

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