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Square Enix's 'Necromachina' now 'Moon Diver,' pushed to spring

Good news, fans of lunar aquatic sports! The North American version of Square Enix's downloadable, Strider-esque action game, Necromachina, has reverted back to its original Japanese title, Moon Diver. A recent announcement on the Square Enix Facebook page not only revealed the game's titular revision, it also revealed the game's new release window: Spring 2011.

Unfortunately, the post couldn't be more specific than that, but it sounds like several months still stand between us and this Feelplus-developed multiplayer slasher. That should give Square Enix plenty of time to change the title back to Necromachina, then back to Moon Diver, then Necromachina, then Moon Diver again, then Secret of the Crystal SpaceSwords, then right on back to the lovely Moon Diver.

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