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World of Tanks hits 74,536 peak concurrent users on one server


When it comes to smashing expectations, one MMO that's certainly delivering is's upcoming title World of Tanks. The game isn't even in release yet, and already it has been pushing out some impressive numbers. Last week, confirmed that over one million accounts had been registered for its closed beta. That milestone figure is a huge increase over last month's 700,000 registered accounts. The majority of the interest in WoT so far has been in the Russian version of the game, which boasts over 70% of the total accounts registered. It's not surprising that the latest big number to make its way to us from the World of Tanks team comes from the Russian server.

Yesterday, the peak concurrent user number on the Russian server reached a whopping 74,536. is calling this a new world record for the maximum number of users playing concurrently on the same game server. In the past, CCP Games has claimed a world record for EVE Online based on the peak concurrent users in a single game universe without the use of sharding or instancing. Although 74,536 beats EVE's latest personal record of 60,453, it's known that Second Life broke the 75,000 barrier in 2008 and peaked at just under 90,000 concurrent users in the same game universe the following year. If World of Tanks keeps growing at the rate it is, however, it seems set to eventually top that total and potentially secure a world record of its own.

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