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Audi gets on the LTE bus, wants to make infotainment more modular

Tim Stevens

Another automaker getting on the bus with 4G? Yes, it's Audi, who doesn't actually make busses but is the latest to announce its LTE intentions, though not exactly what it intends to do with it. Mobile SkypeHD video calling? They wouldn't be the first. Audi has also indicated that its 2009 partnership with Elektrobit, dubbed, is coming to fruition. The result is a way to build a layer of abstraction between the car and the hardware running the infotainment system. Currently Audi is down with NVIDIA's Tegra 2 but obviously that's not going to be the new hotness forever, the idea being that users could swap out units at their dealers whenever they want a taste of what's new and good. You know how you pulled the factory head unit and its big, scratched up knobs out of your ride in '96 and threw in that Clarion unit with all the blinkenlights? Like that -- but probably a lot more expensive.

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