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Hey kid: pitch a perfect game in MLB 2K11, win $1 million

Justin McElroy

We've never been more excited about Take-Two's annual MLB 2K challenge, which offers a million bucks to the first person to pitch a perfect game in the newest iteration of the series (MLB 2K11 in today's announcement). It's not just the money -- though that's obviously interesting for Xbox 360 and PS3 players vying for the prize -- it's that the official rules have lowered the minimum age of contestants to thirteen.

...You're still not getting it. It's okay, we didn't at first either.

Maybe the company didn't realize it, and we certainly don't want to jinx anything, but Take-Two has put our planet just 27 virtual outs away from a real life Blank Check scenario, this time with no meddlesome gangsters or Feds to spoil everything. We call dibs on the first go-kart race.

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