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Sailor Moon returns in Italian-exclusive DS game


Breaking! Sailor Moon has washed up in Italy, years after her abrupt disappearance from US syndication. Following a new initiative to globalize Ms. Moon's brand of magical girl ... sailing (is it?), Namco Bandai Europe has announced the world's first Sailor Moon DS game -- and, in fact, only the second Sailor game to be released outside of Japan, ever: La luna splende, which, as you may have gathered from the title, will be exclusive to Italy.

La luna splende, planned for release this spring, looks to cash in on the Sailor Moon revival in Italy, where Toei Animation has been broadcasting a remastered version of the anime series since last March, according to Wikipedia. "Adventure, fantasy, fun, action ...," teases the Google translation of Namco Bandai's Italian announcement, "these are the watchwords for next spring." Hmmm ... maybe it's more convincing in Italian: Avventura, fantasia, divertimento, azione ... ecco le parole d'ordine per la prossima primavera!

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