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Verizon intends to take its FiOS TV to every box, maybe even everywhere

Ben Drawbaugh

Verizon is sharing its grand vision of the future of TV at CES this year which not only includes FiOS TV programming on its set-tops and iPads, but also via Blu-ray players, game consoles, and even directly on the TV without any tethered box at all. And unlike other providers, Verizon isn't taking the media server approach because it doesn't scale. The demo at the at CES's bloggers lounge included all four screens with a Samsung Blu-ray player's app delivering both traditional live TV, DVR'd content and video-on-demand -- in this case the DVR content was being streamed from a FiOS DVR, but the device could have internal storage. Because this content is to be delivered via IP instead of QAM, there's the chance that this programming could be delivered everywhere and to any screen (rights issues aside of course). That's the good news, the (potentially) bad news is that all this great content will only be delivered via Verizon's software, so if you're a TiVo or Media Center guy, no programming for you. We still stick by the idea that true inovation will only come when cable customers can chose both their hardware and their software, but we you can bet we'll bite our tongue and enjoy some HD when we are not standing on our soap box.

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