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Your SWTOR story grows with more character biographies


The Star Wars franchise is not without political intrigue. Characters like Palpatine and Senator Organa and even groups like the Jedi Council had political story arcs in Episodes I, II, and III. We also know that BioWare has an incredible ability to weave together a complicated tapestry of political overtones in its Mass Effect and DragonAge stories while at the same time keeping the major story very personal. Today, developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic introduced us to two political figures and a Bounty Hunter with strong political feelings.

Our Bounty Hunter is a Zabrak named Jewl'a Nightbringer. This adept hunter won the Mandalorian Great Hunt, leaving no captures alive. She then won hundreds of Mandalorian honor duels. You see, this particular hunter grew up on Coruscant at the time the Hydian Way was blocked by Mandalorian warships. She grew up poor and fended for herself. Her deep-seated hatred for the Mandalorians brought her to their Great Hunt to prove her victory over them.

Then, we have the cold Sith Council member Darth Jadus. The other Lords of the council are wary of Jadus because of his affinity towards non-Force wielding underlings. Imperial Agents will no doubt meet this Council Lord on more than one occasion because of his influence on Imperial Intelligence.

Lastly, we have the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic, Janarus. This humble leader was thrust into power shortly after the Sacking of Coruscant, which left his home-world crippled. Although the Senate unanimously voted him into office, his supporters are now slowly fracturing.

Check out the Biographies on the official website to read more about these intriguing Old Republic characters.

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